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The process of designing and delivering each pair of shoes for our clients is based upon a series of consultations with Silvia. The consultations required vary with each client but broadly they follow the steps outlined below.

Preparation for consultations

To get most out of this experience requires that you think about which outfits you would like to wear with your new shoes and circumstances in which you wear them.

Think about colours, textures, and special features you might like. Perhaps you have a handbag, a belt or a hat that has some features that you would like to see reflected in the design of the shoes. Maybe you have seen a photograph that has aspects you particularly like, please tear it out and bring it with you to the consultation.

Initial consultation

This is an initial meeting with Silvia to get to know each other. You will have your feet measured and you will select the shape of the shoe. This is about setting the route towards the creation a pair of beautifully designed shoes that are unique to you.

You will explore the shapes that best suit your feet and body shape, and select the last, which is a mould upon which the shoe is made. You will discuss design ideas and materials to be used. The objective is to give Silvia enough information to put together designs for your review together with a specific price proposal.

This proposal will be sent to you for your consideration in advance of the second consultation to give you time prepare your thoughts on design changes and refinements as appropriate.

Second consultation

The second consultation will take place only if you are confident that you wish to proceed with the commissioning of a pair of bespoke designed shoes. You will talk through the proposal with Silvia. Honest feedback is crucial to avoid heading in the wrong direction. You must tell Silvia what you like and dislike in the shoe designs that have been presented to you and look in more detail at the materials that you wish to use on your shoes. This will enable Silvia to refine the proposal after this consultation and you will receive a confirmation of the design brief from Silvia shortly after.

Shoe mock-up

The purpose of producing a mock-up is simply to verify the correct size for the chosen last and also visualise the design of the shoes.

The mock-up will not be made out of the same material as the final shoes, as at this stage you are mainly concerned with the size and only experimenting with design. Once we know your accurate size and we finalise the design, the process of making can start.

Presentation of your shoes

Once your shoes are made, they will be finished with final touches, ready for presentation. You will be also provided with special advice on how to look after your shoes.


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