Unintended consequences

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The number of men who contact us has made me wonder whether we should reposition the company as "bespoke shoes for men." Not that I propose we start making men's shoes, but in recognition that it is frequently husbands and boyfriends who initiate bespoke shoe making for their partners.

With party season in full swing, I hear endless tales of blisters, bleeding toes, falls and cramps inflicted by ill-fitting party shoes. Poor shoe choices driven by a mix of pride and avarice continues to fill parties with elegantly dressed women nursing all manner of self-inflicted injuries. Whilst women feel the physical pain, their partners are often the hidden victims.

Relationships often get severely tested when uncomfortable shoes ruin events. With so much time and money devoted to shoes, men find it hard to understand why their partners cannot find a pair that is both divinely beautiful and comfortable to wear. Foot injuries frequently take weeks to recover and the consequences impact work, family and social life. I talk to many men who are desperate to find a better option for their partners, well aware that the right solution will not simply reduce these injuries but will go a long way to strengthening relationships.

If you would like to cut the pain from party shoes, why not call us and arrange an appointment to explore your ideas further.

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