Standing out from the crowd

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  • silvia_campbell_bespoke_boots1
  • silvia_campbell_bespoke_boots2
  • silvia_campbell_bespoke_boots3
  • silvia_campbell_bespoke_boots4

Inspired by a pair of boots I recently made for a client, I decided to make these for myself. When I go up to London, my days are often long and tiring, so I really wanted a pair I could wear all day in comfort and yet make a real style statement.

I am delighted with the result, which bring together matt black python with pale red python, with layered leather heels. I feel that they go with jeans as well as smart trousers, perfect for colder wet days in the city.

I have only worn them a couple of times but without fail, complete strangers have asked me where I got my boots, and how wonderful they look. Everyone who knows me and most regular readers will know how passionate I am about shoes, but I can say I have never had so much positive feedback about a pair of my shoes before. It goes to show that you do not necessarily need mega high heels to get noticed. Standing out from the crowd can be achieved with beautiful materials and clever design.

If you would like to work with me to design and make shoes that are perfect for you, why not call us and arrange an appointment to explore your ideas further.

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