Rolls-Royce Sunningdale event

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  • silvia_campbell_bespoke_shoes_RR1
  • silvia_campbell_bespoke_shoes_RR2
  • silvia_campbell_bespoke_shoes_RR3
  • silvia_campbell_bespoke_shoes_RR4
  • silvia_campbell_bespoke_shoes_RR5
  • silvia_campbell_bespoke_shoes_RR6
  • silvia_campbell_bespoke_shoes_RR7
  • silvia_campbell_bespoke_shoes_RR8

I am a big lover of cars myself. When I first spotted the new Rolls-Royce Wraith my heart skipped a beat. This Rolls-Royce is perfectly suited for lady drivers. The curved body with its two-tone colour is truly elegant; the perfect platform frm which a lady can make a grand entrance.  Once the door opens, the shoes will be the first to seen. I felt that only the finest shoes would do justice to such a car, and I would design a pair to meet that challenge.

Following initial discussions with the team at Rolls Royce Motor Cars in Sunningdale, I designed a pair of shoes that combined a very light shade grey plonge with royal blue stingray upper and royal blue nappa lining. The shoe will be presented as the Shoe of the Month in June 2014.

I showcased this creation to invited guests of the Luxury Experience event at the RRMC Sunningdale showroom. Guest were welcomed with a glass of my favourite Luxor Brut containing an infusion of 24-carat gold leaf, as a perfect introduction to evening exploring a variety of luxury products being presented by Rolls-Royce and its associated companies.


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