Isabelle's story

This story is based upon the experience of a client.

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Isabelle is a discerning lady; she knows what suits her, what colours work well for her. With a wide network of friends, business associates and acquaintances, her social calendar ranges from informal lunches and dinner parties, to award ceremonies and the opera.

Isabelle has huge issues with finding the right pair of shoes; shoes that give her everything she wants. She is very well aware of the fact that wearing high heeled shoes each time she goes out is just too painful even though most of her shoes are from top designers.

All too often, her ability to relax and enjoy an event is marred by the pain she endures because of her shoes. It is not that she has problem feet, nor are they an unusual size. The pain she endures is the same as many women who find it impossible to find shoes that are elegant but also fit her properly. Wonderful evenings out are ruined by the desperate need to get home and take off her shoes. In extreme occasions she has resorted to taking painkillers to endure the blisters, cramps, leg and back ache caused by her shoes.

She had considered wearing comfortable shoes, a luxury that most men take for granted. Despite her searches, Isabelle had not found any comfortable shoes in the shops or online that would not compromise her look. Isabelle knows that the right clothes, shoes and accessories are the start of a successful event. She knows that she has to have it all but her shoes continued to let her down. Shoes make you feel confident and because you are on your feet all day, having a pair of stylish, comfortable shoes is the key to feeling happy and great about yourself.

Isabelle had been having many of her outfits made for her, to achieve the perfect fit and distinctive look that she seeks. She wondered whether having her shoes bespoke designed and made would give her the solution to her shoe problem.

Isabelle approached Silvia Campbell to make her first pair of bespoke shoes. These were designed to be comfortable, with a 3cm heel, in leather to complement her classic Chanel handbag. Isabelle loves these shoes, and the whole experience inspired her to become more adventurous. Isabelle loves the whole experience of her involvement in the design process and being in charge of the final outcome.

Isabelle has never looked back. She now has shoes in the styles that suit her, including a number of pairs with a heel height of 7cm, which only a year earlier she would never even dreamt would be comfortable. She loves her freedom to choose the colour she wants, the design that will work for her to complement her overall outfit.

Isabelle now understands much more about shoes, what makes them perfect for her. The reason why she loves to have her shoes made is because she does not have to worry about how she will cope with the pain anymore. Her preparation for her events is as pleasant as the event itself.

Having her shoes bespoke designed and made is not a low cost option, but each time Isabelle makes a purchase she gets comfortable, stylish and truly unique shoes that she will treasure for years to come. If you are ready to take steps to avoid painful shoes, call us to discuss your thoughts.

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