Hand made shoes

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  • bespoke_shoes_handmade_shoes_01
  • bespoke_shoes_handmade_shoes_02
  • bespoke_shoes_handmade_shoes_03
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All of our shoes are hand made by craftsmen in the UK, to ensure the exquisite quality and attention to detail that put our shoes at the pinnacle of the luxury market.

To achieve a perfect fit, we take detailed measurements of both feet to produce a pair of bespoke wooden lasts upon which the shoes will be made. The designs are hand drawn on the bespoke lasts, our patterns are individually cut for each client to ensure that the shoes uppers fit the lasts perfectly.

The materials used are the finest available, carefully selected to ensure that the finished shoes are perfect in every way. The shoe uppers are carefully folded and skived to achieve the best smooth finish possible. For the highest standards of finish, we use a special sewing machine, called a Singer post machine, to stitch the uppers.

The shoes are lasted by hand, whereby the uppers are carefully but tightly stretched over the bespoke last, to ensure an even stretch across the whole last. This guarantees that the shoes keep their shape and structure with wear, staying true to the client's measurements to give exceptional support and comfort.

If you treasure the attention to detail and the craftsmanship that goes into hand made shoes, please talk to us about your vision for your perfect pair of shoes.

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