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  • bespoke_shoes_engaging_with_us_01A
  • bespoke_shoes_engaging_with_us_02
  • bespoke_shoes_engaging_with_us_03
  • bespoke_shoes_engaging_with_us_04
  • bespoke_shoes_engaging_with_us_05
  • bespoke_shoes_engaging_with_us_06
  • bespoke_shoes_engaging_with_us_07
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Whether this is your first look into the world of bespoke shoe making, or perhaps your ideas and desires are well formulated, we would love to hear from you. Our website presents information on most aspects of bespoke shoes, from who wears them and what the benefits are, through to designs and materials and how they are made.

As you look around the site you can find images of diverse styles of women shoes that we make, from sandals, court shoes, evening wear to boots, in any size or shape. We can accommodate a number of foot related issues such as bunions and differences in feet sizes and width. We do not, however, make orthopedic footwear. Our focus is on working with clients who care about their feet and wish to avoid foot problems in future.

How all of this applies to you can only be determined on a personal basis. Perhaps an initial telephone conversation would help to address your questions. Alternatively we offer an exploratory consultation session to help you determine whether this is what you are looking for.
Six months from measurement to handmade, it all starts with a phone call to arrange your one-to-one consultation with Silvia.

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