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When it comes to being creative, let me tell you how it really works for me. Unfortunately I can’t control my creativity and say that I am going to design a pair today, starting at around 9.00 am. It works very differently. I need inspiration. I need something to make my brain work and ideas to fill my head, ideas that I can convert into shoes. These ideas could be as simple as cloud shapes or mud patterns on the road. When I am in the right frame of mind everything looks a little bit like a shoe and I keep my moleskin notebook with me to sketch any ideas as they spring into my head.

The vast majority of my designs are produced for specific clients, providing a framework into which a design must fit. My client often has specific occasions in mind to wear the shoes, an outfit that they must complement or perfectly match. Other times my brief is far wider and I need only to take into account the general tastes and personality of my client.
Le Manoir aux Quat' Saisons

I recently visited Le Manoir in Great Milton, Oxfordshire to design a special demonstration shoe for Le Manoir to show their clients in preparation for a wedding at this magnificent venue. Walking along the lavender paths I instantly had an idea for a pair of wedding shoes. When I returned home I had to sketch it immediately I was so exited.

While sketching I was in my mind surrounded by fields of lavender which I personally love. I love the colour, shape and smell, very relaxing, such images really help me to focus. Once my basic sketch is done I then start using colours to bring the sketch to life a little. I love using wax crayons, pencil and drawing pens in different sizes. I very rarely use an eraser, I would rather start again if something is wrong, as I like the paper to be clean.

I played about with various shapes to provide the best canvas for the lavender imagery, settling on an almond shape, high heel, platform, primarily white with lavender. I designed a slight point at the front of the top line to mirror the main shape of the toe. I feel that it must be in white leather with the Le Manoir logo embroidered in white at the side of the shoe above the heel. Hand painted English lavenders on leather all around the platform and up to the mid point of the heel. Lovely soft white shoe lining with lavender coloured sock. It shall be known as  “Le Manoir Shoe”.

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