September 2014

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  • bespoke_salmon_boots_0111
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  • bespoke_salmon_boots_04
  • bespoke_salmon_boots_05
  • bespoke_salmon_boots_06
  • bespoke_salmon_boots_07
  • bespoke_salmon_boots_08
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silvia campbell bespoke shoes salmon bootie heelThese boots were made for a client to be worn with jeans whilst suitably smart to be worn with a casual skirt. The heel is 3 inch, but with the platform, this brings it down to a virtual 2.5 inch. We also provided a matching belt from the same marine salmon leather.

I am really pleased with the effect of the salmon leather. The marine dye is taken at different rates by each scale on the leather giving a beautifully natural variance in tone. This effect will only improve with age, delivering sylish elegance every time they are worn.

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