October 2014

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  • bespoke_stingray_peeptoe_01
  • bespoke_stingray_peeptoe_02
  • bespoke_stingray_peeptoe_03
  • bespoke_stingray_peeptoe_04
  • bespoke_stingray_peeptoe_05
  • bespoke_stingray_peeptoe_06
  • bespoke_stingray_peeptoe_07
  • bespoke_stingray_peeptoe_08
  • bespoke_stingray_peeptoe_09
  • bespoke_stingray_peeptoe_10
  • bespoke_stingray_peeptoe_11

silvia campbell bespoke shoes stingray peeptoe heelThis is a striking combination of light and dark grey in contrasting materials. This will work very well with a wide range of evening wear.

Stingray is an amazing material. In the evening the light works really well with the textured surface to give a shimmering effect of crystals. Since this is such an unsual combination of leathers, we realised that it would be practically impossible to buy a handbag that would work well with the shoes, so we designed and made a clutch to match them perfectly.

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