May 2016

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silvia campbell bespoke shoes calf salmon heel

A versatile and elegant pair of ankle boots that combines burgundy calf with salmon leather.

Women like to wear boots throughout the year, because boots generally provide more support for the foot so are more comfortable. Even with boots, however, there are issues. You may not be able to get your foot into the boot, because they have not been designed to accommodate your instep. When they are designed for a larger instep they also have a larger opening, which does not fit well around the ankle, making the boots look larger than they need to.

When boots are bespoke made, the boot is designed for your instep, and the opening is a good fit for your ankle so even with skinny jeans, the trouser leg will sit over the boot.

If you would like to discuss your thoughts about your ideal shoes, call me today on +44 (0)7825 794275 or send me a message.

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