May 2014

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  • bespoke_shoes_walnut_01
  • bespoke_shoes_walnut_02
  • bespoke_shoes_walnut_03
  • bespoke_shoes_walnut_04

silvia campbell bespoke shoes walnut heelInspiration for this design came from an artisan friend of mine, Andy who makes shot gun stocks. I had seen him using the most amazing French walnut wood for his stocks and I was looking for a way to use this beautiful material in my shoes.

The colour and the texture was so appealing that I felt that having carved high heels out of this presious wood would look stunning. I discussed this with Andy and sought his expertise on how best to show the amazing finish of the wood. Lots of sanding with 5 different grades of sandpaper from rough to finest until all the little lines had disappeared. It was incredibly interesting for me how this wonderful wood was transforming in front of my eyes. The main feature of this shoe is the heel so I felt that the shoe itself should be kept quite clean and simple so I opted for nude nappa to complement the browns in the wood.

I felt that I wanted to introduce dark brown slightly within the shoe so I used French binding on the toe with soft chestnut brown calf and also covered some parts of platform in it too. This way the front has a bit more contrast but still draws the eye to the heel itself. I then painted the edge of the sole in chestnut brown to give just a little bit more spice. The result is a simple but eye catching peep toe which will go with so many outfits that you will certainly get a great use out of them. 

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