March 2014

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  • Bespoke_shoes_karung_02
  • Bespoke_shoes_karung_03
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  • bespoke_shoes_karung_01
  • bespoke_shoes_karung_02
  • bespoke_shoes_karung_03
  • bespoke_shoes_karung_04
  • bespoke_shoes_karung_05

silvia campbell bespoke shoes karung heelUsing exotic leather was and always will be controversial; some will love them and some hate them. Our society has moved on with the way the animals are bred and we work hard to banish poaching so no endangered species are taken from the wild.

I only use CITIES certified skins and I maintain detailed records of the source of every material I use.

This beautiful Karung snake in natural finish has such amazing markings. I used natural vegetable tanned lining avoid dominiating the browns in the upper. The difference in shades of browns are something to admire all the time. The skin has a 3-D texture that makes this particular pair really stand out.





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