June 2015

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  • Mixed_shoes03
  • Mixed_shoes04
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  • mixed_shoes00
  • mixed_shoes01
  • mixed_shoes02
  • mixed_shoes03
  • mixed_shoes04
  • mixed_shoes06
  • mixed_shoes07
  • mixed_shoes08
  • mixed_shoes09
  • mixed_shoes10
  • mixed_shoes11
  • mixed_shoes12

silvia campbell bespoke shoes mixed heelBespoke lasts hold the key to perfect fitting shoes. A great deal of effort goes into making your lasts perfect for you. A common misunderstanding, however, is that one pair of lasts can only make one type of shoe. This month, shoe of the month focuses on a pair of lasts that can be used to create a diverse set of shoes and boots. All of these shoes were made on the same lasts.

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