July 2015

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  • sringray_summer_shoe00
  • sringray_summer_shoe01
  • sringray_summer_shoe02
  • sringray_summer_shoe03

silvia campbell bespoke shoes sringray summer shoe heelWith the arrival of summer, it is wonderful to be able to rely on a pair of elegant sandals that fit you perfectly and will not let you down. In hot weather as your feet expand, poorly fitting sandals can be excruciating, at a time when you should be free to focus on the magnificence of outdoor life.

These sandals are made from luxurious stingray leather.

With careful attention to detail we make sure that the straps are in just the right place to support your feet and avoid toes popping out or putting too much pressure on sensitive areas like bunions.

If you would like to discuss your thoughts about your ideal pair of sandals, call me today on +44 (0)7825 794275.

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