February 2015

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  • bespoke_wedding_crystal_shoe00
  • bespoke_wedding_crystal_shoe01
  • bespoke_wedding_crystal_shoe03
  • bespoke_wedding_crystal_shoe1
  • bespoke_wedding_crystal_shoe2

silvia campbell bespoke wedding crystal shoe heelFor the real wow factor, these shoes are presented in two heel heights; a 12cm heel with a platform or 7.5cm without a platform. The evening/wedding court shoes have 10,000 hand-stitched 4mm bicone Swarovski crystals per shoe. The problem with crystals is that they fall off very easily if only glued on, so look wonderful in the showroom, but are a disaster when put to real use. By stitching them on, the shoes will stand up to the rigours of normal use. As you can imagine, there is an enormous amount of work that goes into a pair of shoes like these, and the starting price is from £30,000.

You should see them under bright lights; they are absolutely stunning. When made to fit you perfectly, you will be smiling with the same radiance as the shoes.

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