December 2014

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  • bespoke_purple_flower_fabric0
  • bespoke_purple_flower_fabric1
  • bespoke_purple_flower_fabric2
  • bespoke_purple_flower_fabric3
  • bespoke_purple_flower_fabric4
  • bespoke_purple_flower_fabric5
  • bespoke_purple_flower_fabric6
  • bespoke_purple_flower_fabric7
  • bespoke_purple_flower_fabric8

silvia campbell bespoke shoes purple flower fabric heelThis pair of sandals is designed to complete an outfit. I started by using the yellow floral material from a blouse, and selecting purple leather as a perfect match to one shade in the fabric to create an effective contrast to the bold yellow base.

The heel height was determined as an ideal to give both elegance and comfort with the pointed toe shape to enhance the impression of a slender foot.

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