December 2013

  • Bespoke_shoes_lizard_01
  • Bespoke_shoes_lizard_02
  • Bespoke_shoes_lizard_03
  • Bespoke_shoes_lizard_04
  • bespoke_shoes_lizard_01
  • bespoke_shoes_lizard_02
  • bespoke_shoes_lizard_03
  • bespoke_shoes_lizard_04

 silvia campbell bespoke shoes lizard heelThere are a number of different types of lizards I like using; this particular shoe has blue teju lizard in combination with yellow African lizard.

I enjoy playing with different textures and contrasting colours. I feel that blue and yellow works extremely well together.

Even though this heel is 4” without a platform, the design allow great flexibility to eliminate discomfort and pain. A wonderful and practical pair of shoes that will fill you with confidence.





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