August 2015

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  • blue_gold_shoe00
  • blue_gold_shoe01
  • blue_gold_shoe02
  • blue_gold_shoe03
  • blue_gold_shoe04
  • blue_gold_shoe05
  • blue_gold_shoe06
  • blue_gold_shoe07
  • blue_gold_shoe08
  • blue_gold_shoe09
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silvia campbell bespoke shoes blue gold heelTo inspire you to start planning for your evening-wear wardrobe, this month I am presenting a fantastic pair of foil-finished  gold and turquoise leather court shoes. With no platform and a 4 inch heel, they are perfect for evening wear, delivered with a matching clutch bag.

The elegant point toe is a design feature I find most useful when seeking to make the foot slimmer and more elegant. When shaped carefully, the point toe can accommodate a wider fitting without the need to cramp the toes together, which is a typical complaint I hear with this style. With bespoke shoes, my clients do not have to sacrifice comfort for timeless elegance.

If you would like to discuss your thoughts about your ideal evening wear, call me today on +44 (0)7825 794275.

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