August 2014

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  • bespoke_shoes_suede_mix002
  • bespoke_shoes_suede_side002
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bespoke shoes suede heel282x247You would have to search a long time to find a pair of magenta court shoes that fit you well. I use magenta purely as an example, but say you were looking for a pair of court shoes in a specific colour to complement an item from your wardrobe, or your particular favourite colour. Even with the help of the internet, your search could be long and fruitless, interspersed with moments of frustration and anger as your hopes are dashed by the shoes not fitting, or the colour not being quite right, the shape just wrong, the heels too high or too low, the texture not as you want it.

Making court shoes that fit beautifully is a speciality of mine, and I can make them in literally any colour, texture, heel height and shape that you fancy. Banish your frustrations and come to talk to me about the court shoes that you desire.

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